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GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit Class Reference

TextEdit class. More...

#include <TextEdit.h>

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Public Slots

PlainTextEditorPageSlotCurPageTextEdit () const
FilePageSlotCurPageFileTreeView () const
void SlotQuote () const
void SlotFillTextEditWithText (const QString &text) const
void SlotSave ()
bool SlotSaveAs ()
void SlotOpen ()
void SlotPrint ()
void SlotNewTab ()
void SlotNewTabWithContent (QString title, const QString &content)
void SlotOpenFile (const QString &path)
void slotNewHelpTab (const QString &title, const QString &path) const
void SlotNewFileTab ()
void SlotShowModified (bool) const
void SlotCloseTab ()
void SlotSwitchTabUp () const
void SlotSwitchTabDown () const
void SlotCut () const
void SlotCopy () const
void SlotPaste () const
void SlotUndo () const
void SlotRedo () const
 redo last change in current text page
void SlotZoomIn () const
void SlotZoomOut () const
void SlotSelectAll () const
 select all in current text page
void SlotAppendText2CurTextPage (const QString &text)

Public Member Functions

 TextEdit (QWidget *parent)
void LoadFile (const QString &fileName)
bool MaybeSaveAnyTab ()
int TabCount () const
PlainTextEditorPageCurTextPage () const
FilePageCurFilePage () const
QHash< int, QString > UnsavedDocuments () const

Public Attributes

QTabWidget * tab_widget_

Protected Member Functions

bool save_file (const QString &fileName)
 Saves the content of currentTab to the file filename. More...

Private Slots

void slot_file_page_path_changed (const QString &path) const
void slot_remove_tab (int index)
void slot_save_status_to_cache_for_revovery ()

Private Member Functions

bool maybe_save_current_tab (bool askToSave)

Static Private Member Functions

static QString stripped_name (const QString &full_file_name)

Private Attributes

uint text_page_data_modified_count_ = 0
int count_page_
 int containing the number of added tabs

Detailed Description

TextEdit class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CurFilePage()

FilePage * GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::CurFilePage ( ) const

◆ CurTextPage()

◆ LoadFile()

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::LoadFile ( const QString &  fileName)

Load the content of file into the current textpage

fileNameQString containing the filename to load

◆ maybe_save_current_tab()

bool GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::maybe_save_current_tab ( bool  askToSave)
askToSaveCheck if current may need to be saved. Call this function before closing the currently active tab-

If it returns false, the close event should be aborted.

References GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::GetFilePath(), GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::GetTextPage(), and GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::ReadDone().

◆ MaybeSaveAnyTab()

auto GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::MaybeSaveAnyTab ( )

Checks if there are unsaved documents in any tab, which may need to be saved. Call this function before closing the programme or all tabs.

  • false, if the close event should be aborted.
  • true, otherwise

References GpgFrontend::UI::QuitDialog::GetTabIdsToSave(), and GpgFrontend::UI::QuitDialog::IsDiscarded().

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::slot_open_settings_dialog().

◆ save_file()

bool GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::save_file ( const QString &  fileName)

◆ slot_remove_tab

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::slot_remove_tab ( int  index)

Remove the tab with given index

indexTab-number to remove

◆ slot_save_status_to_cache_for_revovery

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::slot_save_status_to_cache_for_revovery ( )

◆ SlotAppendText2CurTextPage

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotAppendText2CurTextPage ( const QString &  text)

◆ SlotCloseTab

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotCloseTab ( )

close the current tab and decrease TabWidget->count by 1

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotCopy

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotCopy ( ) const

Copy selected text of current text page to clipboard.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotCurPageFileTreeView

FilePage * GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotCurPageFileTreeView ( ) const

Return pointer to the currently activated file tree view tab page.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotCurPageTextEdit

◆ SlotCut

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotCut ( ) const

Cut selected text in current text page.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotFillTextEditWithText

◆ SlotNewFileTab

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotNewFileTab ( )

New File Tab to do file operation

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::slot_open_file_tab().

◆ slotNewHelpTab

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::slotNewHelpTab ( const QString &  title,
const QString &  path 
) const

Adds a new tab with the given title and opens given html file. Increase Tab-Count by one

titletitle for the tab
pathpath for html file to show

◆ SlotNewTab

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotNewTab ( )

Adds a new tab with the title "untitled"+countpage+".txt" Sets the focus to the new tab. Increase Tab-Count by one

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotOpen

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotOpen ( )

Show an OpenFileDoalog and open the file in a new tab. Shows an error dialog, if the open fails. Set the focus to the tab of the opened file.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotOpenFile

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotOpenFile ( const QString &  path)

Adds a new tab with opening file by path

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::SlotOpenFile().

◆ SlotPaste

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotPaste ( ) const

Paste text from clipboard to current text page.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotPrint

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotPrint ( )

Open a print-dialog for the current tab

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotQuote

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotQuote ( ) const

Insert a ">" at the beginning of every line of current textedit.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotSave

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotSave ( )

Saves the content of the current tab, if it has a filepath otherwise it calls saveAs for the current tab

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotSaveAs

auto GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotSaveAs ( )

Opens a savefiledialog and calls save_file with the choosen filename.

Return the return value of the savefile method

References GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::GetFilePath().

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ SlotShowModified

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotShowModified ( bool  changed) const

put a * in front of current tabs title, if current textedit is modified

◆ SlotSwitchTabDown

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotSwitchTabDown ( ) const

Switch to the previous tab.

◆ SlotSwitchTabUp

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotSwitchTabUp ( ) const

Switch to the next tab.

◆ SlotUndo

void GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotUndo ( ) const

Undo last change in current textpage.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::create_actions().

◆ stripped_name()

QString GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::stripped_name ( const QString &  full_file_name)

return just a filename stripped of a whole path

afilename path
QString containing the filename

◆ TabCount()

◆ UnsavedDocuments()

QHash< int, QString > GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::UnsavedDocuments ( ) const

List of currently unsaved tabs.

QHash<int, QString> Hash of tab indexes and title of unsaved tabs.

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