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GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage Class Reference

Class for handling a single tab of the tabwidget. More...

#include <PlainTextEditorPage.h>

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void SignalUIBytesDisplayed ()
 this signal is emitted when the bytes has been append in texteditor.

Public Member Functions

 PlainTextEditorPage (QString file_path={}, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
const QString & GetFilePath () const
void SetFilePath (const QString &filePath)
QPlainTextEdit * GetTextPage ()
void ShowNotificationWidget (QWidget *widget, const char *className)
void CloseNoteByClass (const char *className)
void ReadFile ()
bool ReadDone () const
void NotifyFileSaved ()
 notify the user that the file has been saved.

Private Slots

void slot_format_gpg_header ()
void slot_insert_text (QByteArray bytes_data)

Private Attributes

std::shared_ptr< Ui_PlainTextEditor > ui_
QString full_file_path_
 The path to the file handled in the tab.
bool sign_marked_ {}
 true, if the signed header is marked, false if not
bool read_done_ = false
size_t read_bytes_ = 0
bool is_crlf_ = false

Detailed Description

Class for handling a single tab of the tabwidget.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PlainTextEditorPage()

GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::PlainTextEditorPage ( QString  file_path = {},
QWidget *  parent = nullptr 

Add layout and add plaintextedit

file_pathPath of the file handled in this tab
parentPointer to the parent widget

References full_file_path_.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CloseNoteByClass()

void GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::CloseNoteByClass ( const char *  className)

Hide all widgets with the given className

classNameThe classname of the widgets to hide

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::slot_find().

◆ GetFilePath()

const QString & GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::GetFilePath ( ) const

Get the filepath of the currently activated tab.

References full_file_path_.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::maybe_save_current_tab(), and GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::SlotSaveAs().

◆ GetTextPage()

◆ ReadDone()

bool GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::ReadDone ( ) const

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::maybe_save_current_tab().

◆ SetFilePath()

void GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::SetFilePath ( const QString &  filePath)

Set filepath of currently activated tab.

filePathThe path to be set

References full_file_path_.

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::TextEdit::save_file().

◆ ShowNotificationWidget()

void GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::ShowNotificationWidget ( QWidget *  widget,
const char *  className 

Show additional widget at buttom of currently active tab

widgetThe widget to be added
classNameThe name to handle the added widget

Referenced by GpgFrontend::UI::MainWindow::slot_find().

◆ slot_format_gpg_header

void GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::slot_format_gpg_header ( )

Format the gpg header in another font-style

References sign_marked_.

◆ slot_insert_text

void GpgFrontend::UI::PlainTextEditorPage::slot_insert_text ( QByteArray  bytes_data)

References GetTextPage(), and SignalUIBytesDisplayed().

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