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GpgFrontend::UI::KeyTable Struct Reference
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Public Types

using KeyTableFilter = std::function< bool(const GpgKey &, const KeyTable &)>

Public Member Functions

 KeyTable (QTableWidget *_key_list, KeyListRow::KeyType _select_type, KeyListColumn::InfoType _info_type, KeyTableFilter _filter=[](const GpgKey &, const KeyTable &) -> bool { return true;})
 Construct a new Key Table object. More...
void Refresh (KeyLinkListPtr m_keys=nullptr)
KeyIdArgsListPtr & GetChecked ()
 Get the Checked object. More...
void UncheckALL () const
void CheckALL () const
void SetChecked (KeyIdArgsListPtr key_ids)
 Set the Checked object. More...
void SetMenuAbility (KeyMenuAbility::AbilityType ability)
void SetFilterKeyword (QString keyword)

Public Attributes

QTableWidget * key_list_
KeyListRow::KeyType select_type_
KeyListColumn::InfoType info_type_
std::vector< GpgKeybuffered_keys_
KeyTableFilter filter_
KeyIdArgsListPtr checked_key_ids_
KeyMenuAbility::AbilityType ability_
QString keyword_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KeyTable()

GpgFrontend::UI::KeyTable::KeyTable ( QTableWidget *  _key_list,
KeyListRow::KeyType  _select_type,
KeyListColumn::InfoType  _info_type,
KeyTableFilter  _filter = [](const GpgKey&, const KeyTable&) -> bool { return true; } 

Construct a new Key Table object.


Member Function Documentation

◆ GetChecked()

KeyIdArgsListPtr & GpgFrontend::UI::KeyTable::GetChecked ( )

Get the Checked object.


Referenced by Refresh().

◆ Refresh()

void GpgFrontend::UI::KeyTable::Refresh ( KeyLinkListPtr  m_keys = nullptr)

◆ SetChecked()

void GpgFrontend::UI::KeyTable::SetChecked ( KeyIdArgsListPtr  key_ids)

Set the Checked object.


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