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GpgFrontend::UI::FileReadTask Class Reference
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void SignalFileBytesRead (QByteArray bytes)
void SignalFileBytesReadEnd ()
void SignalFileBytesReadNext ()
- Signals inherited from GpgFrontend::Thread::Task
void SignalRun ()
void SignalTaskShouldEnd (int)
void SignalTaskEnd ()

Public Member Functions

 FileReadTask (QString path)
int Run () override
 can be overwrite by subclass More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GpgFrontend::Thread::Task
 Task (QString name)
 Construct a new Task object.
 Task (TaskRunnable runnable, QString name, DataObjectPtr data_object=nullptr)
 Construct a new Task object. More...
 Task (TaskRunnable runnable, QString name, DataObjectPtr data, TaskCallback callback)
 Construct a new Task object. More...
 ~Task () override
 Destroy the Task object.
auto GetUUID () const -> QString
auto GetFullID () const -> QString
 Get the Full I D object. More...
void HoldOnLifeCycle (bool hold_on)
auto GetRTN ()

Private Slots

void slot_read_bytes ()

Private Attributes

QString read_file_path_
QFile target_file_
QEventLoop looper

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GpgFrontend::Thread::Task
using TaskRunnable = std::function< int(DataObjectPtr)>
using TaskCallback = std::function< void(int, DataObjectPtr)>
- Public Slots inherited from GpgFrontend::Thread::Task
void SafelyRun ()
 shouldn't be overwrite by subclass
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GpgFrontend::Thread::Task
void setRTN (int rtn)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Run()

auto GpgFrontend::UI::FileReadTask::Run ( )

can be overwrite by subclass


Reimplemented from GpgFrontend::Thread::Task.

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